The Potter’s Hands


“Yet you, Lord, are our Father, We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8
What are you afraid of? Not scary movies or spiders – those things go without saying for some people (like me!) I am talking about those deep rooted fears and worries that you struggle with on a daily basis. For some, it might be fear of running out of provisions for their family. For others it might be the death of a loved one. For others, it might be being truly alone. Others might have worries and fears on behalf of someone they love.
Change is on the horizon for many people at this time of the year. January is a perfect time for us to think about things we might like to change about ourselves or our situations. Change often leads to fears of the unknown – how will things work out? It is hard when you are on the horizon, but you can’t see what is yet to come.
I sometimes get trapped in the fear of the unknown, fear of evil things lurking around in my life. 
It is in these moments of fear when I forget to trust the Father who created me. What is it about fear that totally grips and consumes us? What is it about fear that completely changes the way we think? We know we have a loving, Heavenly Father who creates us. We are the work of His hand. With each loving movement, He formed us. He sculpted and shaped us.
Why do we not understand that the One who lovingly made us also has things under control? We do not need to be afraid.
When I am most fearful, when I feel the fear gripping me and trying to take control, it is in these moments that I need to remind myself to seek Him. When we really truly trust in Him, He can deliver us from all our fears.
For those of you who are facing changes in the new year, whether it be a new job, sending children back to school, making a move to a new home – remember you were formed by a loving Father and you were formed by His hand. Rest in that today.
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