Contented Heart · Lipedema

The Gift of Perspective

Today I am thankful for my cane. I never thought I would ever admit that, being 34 years old and reliant on a mobility device. But today, as I walked the pathway to my child’s school and my feet slipped on ice lying quietly under snow – the unthinkable happened. In the same moment I cried out to God to guide my feet so I would not fall, I had gratitude for something I’m not all that pleased to need.
This year I was diagnosed with an untreatable disease called lipedema.  While this disease does come with a significant amount of pain, it also comes with a significant amount of disfigurement. Sometimes I jokingly refer to myself as the Michelin woman – my limbs are heavy laden with excess fat that can’t be resolved with diet or exercise. In short, it is pretty ugly.
While this diagnosis is new, I’ve suffered from this disease for years. Living with chronic pain isn’t a peach, but far worse is living in this world as a “super sized” woman. The media has made it very clear what they believe to be beautiful. Society is screaming beauty is skin deep. I’ve been given looks of disgust as I walk through the mall. I’ve heard hurtful comments as I watched my children play at the playground. I am not going to lie, it hurts. Sometimes it is hard to see your value when the world says you are worthless.
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